Unsuccessful Tinder users can now pay $50 for flirting advice from TinderUS



Tinder is an app that helps mobile users flirt with other users, based on their location. It’s convenient, but it’s not always successful. Take the story of one Joshua, a Tinder user who messaged 32 women in a group text seeking ‘love.’ What followed is what some have described as a public flogging, but it’s also quite hilarious.

If you have experienced similar “fails” as Joshua, perhaps you should consider a new service for Tinder users: TinderUs. For just $50, a user can get expert advice on the best photos to use, a curated tagline, and other new ideas on profile-improvements and how to send messages. TinderUs also dishes out “expert advice on flirting and what to say in a conversation.” All of this is done over Facebook Chat.

We’re not sure if TinderUs can help Joshua, but let his story be a fair warning about group texting.

tinder fail

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