Unsolved Washington Mysteries: Mustache Weirdness

There are all kinds of unexplained weirdnesses in Washington, riddles that we will likely never solve. For example, 1. How much does Politico‘s Mike Allen really sleep and does he go “on vacation” fishing to freeze himself to increase the time he can stay awake? 2. How many married Washington editors or TV personalities have slept with someone in their workplace other than their wives? We may not know the numbers, but we know it happens. 3. How does socialite and publicity guru Tammy Haddad really decide who goes on that secret guest list to her WHCD Garden Party each year? And does the grand dame of Washington parties ever disinvite someone after they’re invited?

Well, this afternoon we have a riddle to add to the list: strangely hued mustaches. Why do some of Washington’s political men have mustaches that clash disastrously with their hair color? Here we have AEI senior fellow and former U.S. Amb. to the U.N. John Bolton — dark locks, gray-whitish mustache — and WorldNetDaily Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah — light gray hair, dark mustache. Whoa! It’s a fright. They can’t be dying this sh%t right readers?


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