Unruly Taps Richard Kosinski as Its U.S. President

Quantcast vet will focus on growing U.S. business

Unruly, a company that helps brands leverage social video marketing, has hired Richard Kosinski as its U.S. president. He will focus on growing the company's footprint in the States.

Kosinski replaces Art Zeidman, who left Unruly in the spring.

Kosinski was most recently svp of sales at Quantcast. Before that, he was vp of political advertising at Yahoo. "I've always been about embracing new technologies, bringing those to market and helping customers solve business problems," he said. "[Unruly is] really at the forefront of what I think is an incredible market opportunity bringing together both social and video."

Kosinski says brands already understand that social media and video are important vehicles for marketing. But Unruly's task is to educate them on how those tools can be used to actually impact their business. Kosinski talked up the company's so-called ShareRank product, which seeks to quantitatively predict the viral potential of branded content.

"Many marketers are just posting a video on YouTube and hoping it goes viral," he said. "We're putting the science into predicting the likelihood that a message will go to a larger audience, as opposed to just post and pray."