Unraveling Amie’s Job Switch

While most were prepping the bird on Thanksgiving morning, we discovered a true holiday miracle.  A new piece from Politico’s Amie Parnes!  Okay, so..  It’s KIND of a piece.  It’s really more of a transcription of the President’s Thanksgiving Radio Address.

The excitement of the new piece got us to thinking, though…  When was the last time we heard from her?  A quick check on Politico’s website shows that the last piece she wrote was on October 22. See here.  We had a mixture of emotion when we realized it’s been a month since she’s written a piece.  Confusion. Frustration.  Betrayal.  Considering no one at Politico gets away with writing less than a story a week, MUCH LESS a month, we were mostly panicky.  Could she be – gasp! – leaving us??

Well, earlier today we received word that she will be replacing Sam Youngman as White House reporter for The Hill.  Good for her.  Apparently, things at Politico are going so well that they can just keep a reporter on staff for over a month while she hangs loose. What on earth could she have been doing for a month?  Maybe she took that pottery class she’s been promising herself she’d take.  Or finally backpacked through Europe the way she’d always wanted to?  Or maybe… she was just hunting down a new job. On that front we hear Parnes wasn’t fired but was told things weren’t going well. Management didn’t quite know what to do with her. She covered campaigns, Congress, Politico‘s 44 page (a diary of President Obama‘s presidency), CLICK and then shifted into a pseudo White House beat that involving writing favorable, flowery pieces on first lady Michelle Obama. At one point during her 44 coverage, Editor-in-Chief John Harris disallowed her from physically being at the White House, but she was permitted to do drive-bys. Like some others who have left, she never quite lived up to expectations. Effectively she wasn’t encouraged to stay.

That all said, who leaves Politico for The Hill anyway? Could times be a-changin?