Unofficial Twitter Developer Summit Canceled Due To “Unexpected Scheduling Conflicts”

Poor, poor Twitter developers. They have consistently had a pretty inconsistent relationship with Twitter, and since the company canceled the Chirp developer conference they held last year, developers haven’t even had a place to gather and talk about their woes. Now, even the unofficial Twitter developer conference, Engage Digital Media’s TDev Summit, has been canceled.

It was supposed to take place in late July, but now it looks like TDev might not take place at all.

Engage announced the unofficial conference in early June, but just about a month later, they have canceled – or postponed – the event.

The Summit was gaining momentum before the announcement that it would have to be put on hiatus (sadly, just like Chirp). It was sponsored by prominent third-party Twitter developers including HootSuite, Klout and cotweet, and it had received some pretty good media buzz.

According to the TDev website, they had to cancel the event “after encountering some unexpected scheduling conflicts,” which would have made it “difficult to provide the Twitter development community with the caliber of event they deserve.”

They do say that they will be looking into other dates and possibly hosting the event alongside another, similar event in the future.

As CNNMoney reports, the developer community has had a tumultuous relationship with Twitter itself for some time. After canceling Chirp, Twitter decided to host a series of smaller “town hall” style developer meetups, and took over the independent Devnest event brand. Their relationship with the Devnest founders was stretched thin when some misunderstandings cropped up, and Twitter changed the nature of the events. A number of developers were hoping that the TDev Summit would be the remedy to these and other issues between Twitter and its developer ecosystem.