Unofficial Twitter Developer Summit To Go Ahead With Or Without Twitter’s Consent

In response to Twitter canceling the Chirp developer conference held last year, a group of Twitter app developers have come together to put on one of their own.

***Update Engage Digital Media is currently talking to Twitter to see if they will be involved in the Summit***

Engage Digital Media and a whole host of prominent Twitter app developers will be getting together this July 26th in San Francisco to talk all things Twitter development.

The Twitter Developer Summit is open to all developers within the Twitter ecosystem (from “startups to Fortune 500”) who want to network and work on developing best practices in the increasingly confusing space.

On the Twitter Developer Summit homepage, you’ll notice a list of pretty big names in the Twitter ecosystem touted as participating companies: HootSuite, KeepStream, Klout, Cotweet and Bottlenose. And you can bet that once word gets out about this conference, more will sign up.

Engage Digital is sure to mention that Twitter is not affiliated with the conference. We’ve reached out to Twitter to see if they have an official position toward the conference, and will update if we hear back. My speculation is that they won’t be involved even if invited, because that would be conceding control of a conference they once held to a third-party, a move that has very little strategic value.

Regardless of Twitter’s participation, this event will be happening at the end of July. If you’re a developer in the Bay Area interested in attending, registration opens June 24th.