New Group Calls For Feature To Unmerge Places And Pages

A new page is calling on businessowners and laypeople alike to ask for the option to unmerge business pages and Places.

There’s a somewhat significant problem known among an unfortunate group of Page administrators who have decided to turn their page into a place. Once you go through this process, you can never turn back. That’s why a new group of administrators have set up a page calling for an “Unmerge” feature on Facebook.

Already, 130 people have clicked “like” on the “Umerge” page, which appears to have gone up only just today.

Facebook needs to allow a business owner to unmerge their Business Page and Places.

Starting over is not an option when you have thousands of fans. Facebook needs to be able to undo this. There is something called “user error” and it happens all the time.
The business community has started a page to protest the fusion of Places and business pages, and “likes” are accumulating fast.

Places is seen as a poor design causing many users to “bounce” from a business page once they are presented with this new “Merging of Places and Business Pages”. It almost makes conversation on the wall impossible for the average user. You have to navigate to the “Wall” from the tiny icon on the left and then click “Post” in the top left to then be prompted with the comment box. The average person is going to get confused, lost and give up. What the hell is facebook thinking? Most users are “average” users and they need direction. Things need to be obvious. Not hiIdden with a series of tiny icons you need to click.

I clicked “like” even though I have neither a business page nor a Place. I think the whole thing has confused people, especially those whose cellphones are other than the iPhone. People who didn’t get access to Places right away still carry some lingering confusion even after their models of phone have gotten added to the platform for this. The fact that Deals isn’t available on the Blackberry is a case for keeping Places and pages separate: businesses can offer Deals on their pages to their customers who don’t have mobile access to them.

Having the option to leave these two types of Facebook destinations separate gives merchants a bit of market segmentation that can be used to more adroitly target customers’ individual needs.

Do you think Facebook should give businessowners the option to decouple their official pages and Places? Would you click “like” on this page?

Nick O’Neill contributed to this post.