Unlisted Quiz App is Now #1 Facebook Application by Reach

Many Facebook users have been inundated with updates from quiz applications in recent weeks. Now, a quiz application not listed in the Facebook application directory called How Well Do You Know Me? has assumed the #1 spot on the application leaderboards. According to AppData, the application currently has over 28 million monthly active users and has been showing signs of consistent growth over the past 30 days.

What’s interesting is that compared to its competitors in the top 10, the application is relatively simple – and, like many quiz apps, somewhat lacking in presentation. The app may not have flash, complex features, or even an app icon, but it’s nevertheless piquing the interest of Facebook fans for a few reasons: it’s personal, relational, and interactive … and it returns to the basics.

Taking a friend’s quiz:

Unlike the recently circulating class of “What kind of [insert blank] are you?” applications, this application allows users to create their own quizzes with customized questions. In the end, the results aren’t based on impersonal predictions of your personality, but speak for themselves, indicating how well your friends know you and your quirks.

Creating my own quiz:

The application makes sure that appropriate social features are available at key points: users are prompted to publish stories to their Walls and the News Feed when they complete a friend’s quiz or publish their own. After creating your own quiz, you can invite friends to take it, and a Facebook Request is sent to them. However, while the app’s core content may be clean and simple, the surrounding area isn’t. Users are often accidentally directed away from the app to IQ quiz websites that clutter the page as part of the app’s monetization strategy.

As the Facebook Platform celebrates its second year, we’re seeing that the quality of applications – especially in the gaming category – is rising as virtual currency monetization models are taking off. At the same time, though, there’s still high demand for less sophisticated, more straightforward apps: the simple flash-based Chain Rxn app is another example. In other words, some Facebook users may be longing for simpler times.