Unleash the inner model in you at Zivity social networking site for models

I knew it was a matter of time before the social networking trend gets to be utilized for showcasing and glorifying the beauty of women. The new social networking site for models Zivity.com, believes that every woman has an inner model in her waiting for the right time and opportunity to get out. And this is exactly what Zivity wants to achieve – to empower women to feel their most beautiful and comfortable.

photographers_top.jpg As a social networking site for models and wannabe models including fashion photographers, Zivity features helpful guides on makeup, hair and photo shoots. It has social networking tools to track fans, tally Zivity popularity votes, share photos with friends and even to collect royalties. Registration is free at Zivity although you have to wait for awhile since the site is currently on by-invitation beta mode.

But once Zivity opens up to the public, especially models and photographers, members can buy a monthly subscription which will give them access to all Zivity’s social and creative features. These features include a web-based photo set publishing and Zivity’s patent pending, dollar backed voting system which pays revenues directly to artists.

Zivity is also a photo site but with a twist. Unlike ordinary photo sites, Zivity allows interaction between members and the models and photographers they are voting for. You can connect with your favourite model and become a top fan. You can also chat with photographers about upcoming photo shoots with new models.

And the best part of Zivity is? Recent news has it that Zivity would encourage model members to post their nude photos and members get to pick the top models posing in nude. Now how’s that for an incentive to join the site?

Hopefully, Zivity gets opened to the public or at least allow me to enter their beta platform. I would love to give it a spin.