Univision’s for sale for $13 billion – but can the suitors afford it?

The L.A. Times Meg James observes that the New York Times scoop about the intended sale of the nations largest Spanish language network and fifth largest network overall has a rather limited pool of buyers, despite its widespread appeal, healthy ad revenues and strong growth prospects.

CBS and Fox would need to sell lots of TV stations to stay under FCC regulatory caps.

Disney and Time Warner are the only other media conglomerates that could buy Univision without running afoul of the FCC restrictions. However, Disney’s planned acquisition of Pixar might put Univision out of reach. And Time Warner is under pressure by investor Carl Icahn to sell off assets…Possibly the only media company not tempted would be GE‘s NBC Universal, which bought Telemundo in 2001 for $2.7 billion. Antitrust rules prohibit it from buying its rival.”

Interestingly, Univision CEO Perenchio – one of the world’s richest people with a net worth of $2.3 billion – has given our Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger’s various election committees $2.25 million in contributions. With such close financial ties to Ahnold, we were a little surprised the story didn’t break in Muscle & Fitness.