Univision’s Digital Chief Talks Gawker Media Acquisition

It's all about the millennials, baby.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Isaac Lee—Univision’s chief news, entertainment, digital officer—discussed Univision’s acquisition of Gawker Media.

Lee said the Gawker sites will be expected to continue exactly what they’ve been doing. “I do expect them to keep their voice and their authenticity,” said Lee. Well, except for Gawker.com, which was shuttered. While Lee wouldn’t comment on that, it’s obvious that the Hulk Hogan lawsuit made the site disposable.

As for why Univision bought Gawker Media, Lee stated the obvious.

“No one can own all millennials, but we need to own iconic brands that matter to them,” explained Lee. “That’s why the company has been snapping up sites such as The Onion and The Root. Music, humor, gaming, technology — that’s the currency of this generation. That demographic is only going to grow, be more diverse and be more powerful.”

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