Univision Flexes Media Muscle

Randy Falco, former AOL and NBC exec, coming on as the new COO of radio and TV is huge news for Univision. The Hispanic media giant has been floundering ever since it went private four years ago and needs a major shot in the arm. The move to Falco, which the L.A. Times called a “surprise,” should be the beginning of an ascension.

Falco has been consulting with Comcast. Yes, the Comcast that is closing in on
buying NBC Universal and also happens to be Falco’s former employer of 30
years. According to the L.A. Times story, many thought he would return to his old employer. NBC owns and operates Telemundo – Univision’s biggest rival and now Falco’s
as well.

The move could be considered timely as well for Univision. FOX has posted robust
ratings for its own Hispanic cable networks.

The Hispanic media market is, at times, an untapped source for PR campaigns despite the fact that it can really can elevate those impression numbers. Falco’s name adds a lot of cache to Univision; it could be the first of many impact moves Univision makes. The question will be “Can Falco turn Univision’s frown upside down?”

-By Perry Krasnove