University Orders Federal Rules Review After Indianapolis Museum of Art Fires Security Staff, Hires Students

Shortly after the Indianapolis Museum of Art made the move last week to fire 53 staff members in an effort to restructure their security, while simultaneously announcing the hiring of students to fill work-study positions at a rate slightly lower than the just-let go staff had made, the university these students were coming from, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, put the breaks on the plan. As reported by the Indianapolis Business Journal, the university’s concern rests in the fact that students may be used to fill positions, but not when a business fires their existing employees to replace them with a less costly workforce. Thus, the university has started a review to make sure they’re in compliance with government rule. Meanwhile, the museum has said that the firing and hiring wasn’t an outright swap, that these new work-study employees aren’t to have security roles. Though one can understand how the possible confusion came about, given this entry on the museum’s blog about the change, which included mention of the new student workers in the “What is the new program?” section (implying they were replacing “the old program,” which was security). Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.