University of St. Thomas Inherits a Gehry on Wheels


Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, happier things have been going on. In a fun bit of news, the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota is reporting that they’ve received a donation of “1 Frank Gehry House, Used.” And not just any house, but a one time award winner of Time Magazine‘s House of the Year, a building he designed on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The only trick now is that the University is planning to pick the thing up and move it onto their campus, which probably isn’t such an easy thing to accomplish (we don’t really know, not ever having picked up any houses, personally). Here’s a bit:

Moving the guest house nearly 75 miles from Lake Minnetonka to the Gainey Center will not be easy. Stubbs Building and House Movers, the third-generation company that in 1999 moved the 2,908-ton historic Shubert Theater in Minneapolis, will begin by splitting the guest house into eight pieces. Each piece will be driven individually to the new site.

[Donor Kirt Woodhouse] is assisting by underwriting all expenses associated with moving, installing and refurbishing the home at its new location in Owatonna. The refurbishing includes installing various displays, memorabilia and art related to Gehry.

Yep. Consider that one confirmed. Moving a house: not easy.