University of Michigan Partners with CDC and Bibliovault for eBooks

University of Michigan has taken a big dive into the eBook game by partnering with Chicago Distribution Center and Bibliovault to make 500 of its eBooks available via its Website as well as other channels.

Bibliovault is handling the file conversion, delivery and metadata, and CDC is providing the shopping cart that enables Michigan to sell from its own Website. CDC made the cart available to its distributed presses last year, but Michigan is among the first non-CDC distributed presses to take advantage against the cart, which CDC is now making available to anyone who partners with Bibliovault. The books are available as PDFs, viewable using Adobe Digital Editions. Michigan also has a smaller number of books available for Kindle. Check out Michigan’s full list of eBook offerings here.

Because of initiatives like the CDC’s and Bibliovault’s, university presses are ahead of the game in terms of non-trade publishers getting into eBooks. Many indie presses are still figuring out their strategies.