2015 Pulitzer Winner Ponders ‘What the Heck Is Happening to Journalism?’

Rob Kuznia is now safely on the PR side of things.

UniversityNorthDakotaLogoRob Kuznia, a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner for Local Reporting noted for no longer being in the journalism field when he won the award, was recently back in his high school stomping ground to deliver the University of North Dakota’s annual Hagerty Lecture. The event is named in honor of late Grand Forks Herald editor Jack Hagerty.

Today’s summary in the Dakota Student starts off with a crisp, engaging lede:

More than 20 years ago, Rob Kuznia delivered newspapers for the Grand Forks Herald. Now, he’s delivering lectures as a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Article author and features editor Lucas Amundson goes on to touch on some of the points made by Kuznia, who now handles PR for USC’s Shoah Foundation in Los Angeles while also still occasionally freelancing. In the spirit of not compounding the aggregation problems the former Daily Breeze reporter spoke about, we will simply instruct to click here for more details.

In the audience for Kuznia’s April 19 speech at the Empire Arts Club was Hagerty’s widow Marilyn, who still writes for the Herald. Ahead of the event, she had some wistful thoughts, shared under the headline “Letters, Lecture Keep Memories Alive” and written in the form of a letter to her granddaughter Anne, a university student in Texas:

The Hagerty lectures were set up to honor the memory of your grandfather, Jack. He spent the best years of his life as editor of the Herald.

You never got to know him, Anne, because he died during the Flood of 1997. You were just an infant then. We were staying at your house in Bismarck when we were flooded out of our house in Grand Forks.

He would be so proud of you and your [Baylor University] scholarship. I think he is looking down as you work toward your goal of becoming a medical doctor — especially since you are interested in the care of elderly.