Universal Music Still Believes in Chat, Partners with Meebo

Meebo, the online chat service that lets you log into all your instant messenger clients from a central location, has announced its agreement with Universal Music Group as its latest partner. This deal signifies a branding opportunity for both Meebo and UMG, as the music company will be able to distribute premium content through Meebo’s various services and enable users to share it with their friends from there.

This isn’t the first time Meebo has been used as a branding platform for an entertainment company, especially as Meebo has launched a number of different products that can be used by brands for direct marketing purposes. Meebo Rooms, for instance, can be branded for the purpose of disseminating information and products directly to users. And for companies like UMG, such a platform is ideal as it provides an easy way to share music, videos, and other premium content such as interviews or a listening party, where a group of users can gather and subsequently share media with their friends.

As Meebo has also spent the past year building services that allow the Meebo service to be spread across the Internet, the potential for a brand’s message to permeate through the social web is increased. From embeddable chat rooms to Facebook apps to its recently announced Community IM, Meebo is hoping to make its chat service as adaptable as possible. As part of the deal, UMG will embed Meebo Rooms on official artist pages for real-time engaging of fans and site visitors. UMG will also be taking advantage of Meebo’s Syndication Program, which will reach out to fans across affiliate sites.

Sometimes it seems strange to have such a media-centric sharing program syndicated across a chat platform, but Meebo has done a pretty good job of making itself accessible across web and mobile devices in order to align with the directions other social networking trends move towards. As chat can still be a powerful and effective form of direct communication, the furthered integration Meebo has with the larger web makes it more progressive than other instant messaging clients out there, and better able to become a platform that’s monetized through branding and syndication services.