Universal Handing Out Free Blu-Ray Movies To Facebook Fans

Universal Studios Entertainment is promoting its newly-launched Facebook page by handing out 2,010 Blu-ray-formatted movies to fans during the month of January. Each day, fans of the page can enter the Blu-ray Give-Away to win one of 25 prize packs featuring four Blu-ray movies that relate to a weekly theme.

And, each week, the daily Blu-ray prize packs will have a different theme: week one features action movies, week two films are comedies, week three is all drama and week four will be family films. Universal will send winners four movies selected from a pool of five films for each theme.

The new Universal Studios Entertainment page has only been around for about a week, but its administrators have quickly populated the video tab and wall with clips and theatrical trailers for some of their more popular and recent video releases. There are also a few videos that promote some upcoming films, but most of the content appears to center around their Blu-ray movies. The page currently has about 1,000 fans and is quickly growing; we watched it jump by about 130 in a little less than an hour (its over 3,000 now).

Since the page is geared so strongly towards Blu-ray releases, Universal is running a smart campaign that will more than likely draw in a demographic generally interested in information about new releases. Users are required to both become a fan of the page and enter personal information to become eligible for the prizes, and there’s the option to invite friends to participate in the contest, giving Universal a lot of data to mull over when looking at future campaigns to promote their home entertainment offerings. By grouping the movies into themes, they’ll also get a little more targeted information about fans likes and dislikes, though there will always people that will take anything as long as it’s free.

Many brands use Facebook campaigns to trade free goods for higher fan numbers, but a lot of those promotions have been restricted to brands in the food industry, both manufacturers and eateries. We’re starting to see other brands branch out into such promotions, such as a recent free sample campaign by beauty product manufacturer Living Proof, and those brands are predictably having success in snaring new fans. Most of the brands seem to be collecting fans to gather information about who’s checking out their products and for future advertisement campaigns through Facebook and other forms of media — the Universal page appears to be poised to become an advertising outlet for upcoming and current DVD and Blu-ray releases from the studio.

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