UnitedWeWork Gets America Back To Work, Free

Via cheezhead: UnitedWeWork.org is a job matching service that launched earlier this week. Jobseekers can post a profile and employers can search for candidates they want to hire, through the QuietAgent system.

No big deal, right? Except that UnitedWeWork is totally free.

“The economy needs to improve and one way to improve it is to get people back to work,” one of the brains behind UnitedWeWork told Cheezhead. “We developed UnitedWeWork.org to be instrumental in accomplishing this.”

The site will always be free to job seekers. Employers have free access until the end of the year, unless you’re a company with fewer than 100 employees, in which case access is extended til July 2010. After that, it’s a mere $35 yearly to keep using the site.

A good deal for everyone concerned.