United Airlines Issues Response Addressed to ‘Mr. Human’

united bankruptEver since 2002, when United Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection, the company has been struggling to turn a profit and a few heads. Although the former has been difficult to do, the latter was achieved in resounding fashion just this week.

The beleaguered airline took must have included customer service in its cost-cutting measures because it seems United went the route of some terribly lazy PR agencies and “hired” robots to do the work.

How do we know? There’s no attention to detail. There’s no respect paid to needs. And, there’s no person addressed on the subject line.

Poor practices all around.

WTVT-TV (FOX) in Tampa Bay, Fla. employs a reporter named Chris Chmura.

Poor guy had an assignment and flew United. Apparently, his flight included lukewarm adult beverages, $8 peanuts (with no salt), and any number of other unpleasantries. He complained, looking for some sappy “We value our passengers and will look into this soon” response.

And he got one…sort of.

That’s a note from United Airlines. And that’s “Mr. Human” in the letter — three times!

“I would like to extend a sincere apology for any negative impression that may have been caused.”

So formal. So…robotic. The email continues to tell Chmura that the airline will be forwarding an electronic travel certificate as compensation in three to five business days. Great news, but good luck finding that “Mr. Human” on LinkedIn.

We suppose Chmura had the same worry, so he changed his Twitter handle to read “Mr. Human.”

Well played.