There Are Unique Job Requirements And Opportunities At Twitter

So you want to work at Twitter because you love, love, LOVE it, hmm?

Well, here are a couple additional reasons to love it even more.

Though working at Twitter is rumored to be a tad overwhelming, many still really want to join the flock.

Lucky for them, Twitter has many open positions. So many, in fact, that we started a weekly roundup of its latest postings. And while compiling this handy list for you, we noticed some unique job requirements.

Take this position, for instance. Want to land a JVM Core X position? No, we have no idea what in the world it is. But if YOU do and you want to X that Core at Twitter, you’ll edge out the other JVM bandits if you possess the following desired skills:

  • You have a deep and abiding appreciation for memes.
  • You can provide a link to your public github repo or technology blog.
  • You are awesome, passionate, and nice.
  • You consider Firefly one of the best TV shows ever

If it wasn’t for the second one, you’d be a perfect fit, right? We’re guessing that’s the most important one, but who knows? Wikipedia what that Core X thingy is, craft a snarky one-page resume and take a shot! You’re smart, you can flub it.

And every job appears to seek candidates who are Firefly fanatics, by the way. Before applying, you may want to read up. This way, if someone mentions Serenity you won’t think they’re talking about George Castanza and bring shame upon your family.

And there’s more.

Twitter has LOTS of international positions open as well. If you spot a position you really ARE qualified for, but realize (to your chagrin) that it’s located in Paris and you can’t speak French (who cares) – don’t worry. Apparently Twitter offers French classes too!


So check out Twitter’s job listings and watch for our weekly posts so you can spam the crap out of them with your resumes!

(Twitter image from Shutterstock)