Uninstalled 11 iPad Apps to Free up 1.4GB: Which Apps Got the Boot?

When I pre-ordered my iPad before its April 4 release, I decided to buy the smallest (storage space) model: The 16GB model. The rationale was that I would not use it as a music playback device (and I don’t). And, one plan was to buy the a 3G iPad after it became available a month later. However, with easy access to WiFi hotspots and the availability of mobile hotspot options when needed, I never bought a second iPad. Keeping audio files off of the iPad didn’t prevent its 16GB (actually 14GB available to me) from filling up. I’ve been down to about 1.9GB of free storage for the last few weeks. So, I decided to uninstall apps this past weekend to get back some space. You can see the list of apps uninstalled below.

1. AppShopper
2. Civil War
3. GodFinger
4. iPDF
5. Mac Life
6. National Geographic
7. RagDoll 2
8. TIME April 12, 2010 issue
9. Train Conductor
10. We Rule

Four of the apps uninstalled are magazine apps (Mac Life, National Geographic, TIME, WiRED). Magazine apps tend to be very large (hundreds of megabytes) and prime candidates for pruning. I also found that after my initial review, I never returned to these apps. Some apps are actually iPhone apps that were accidentally installed (RagDoll 2 & Train Conductor games). There were a variety of reasons for uninstalling the other apps.

The result of removing the apps listed above from my iPad is that it had 3.3GB free. Those 11 apps and their associated data took up 1.4GB of storage.