Unified launches new platform features to better track earned media value from social advertising

Enterprise marketing technology company Unified today released a new product called Amplets, which allow advertisers and publishers to track the earned media that results from people sharing their ads and other content. The company also updated its Social Operating Platform to support native, premium and mobile advertising across Facebook and other social networks, as well as include new Facebook conversion tracking.

Unified, as its name suggests, offers an all-in-one platform to help brands and agencies manage paid media campaigns across networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, from creative and planning stages to reporting and analytics. Unified also focuses on helping advertisers understand the earned media value that is generated by people taking social actions after being exposed to an ad.

Now with Amplets, that tracking can be even more complete. Amplets are basically sharing widgets that can be put in ad units, on landing pages, in email marketing or anywhere else on the web. When viewers use these buttons to share content to their social networks, Unified tracks this and assigns a dollar value to the actions. Advertisers can use industry averages or set their own value for Likes, shares, tweets, pins and more. This also seems useful for publishers who don’t always have an easy way to see how many people are interacting with their content and in what way, except by looking at individual pages of their site or backing out some numbers from Google Analytics.

Unified has also integrated Facebook’s expanded conversion tracking into its earned media report. The platform tracks what happens over a 28-day period after users see or click on a Facebook ad and then quantifies these social actions, such as posting to a page’s Timeline, viewing photos, clicking links and more, as earned media value.

The Social Operating System has a number of other features that support the media planning process, which is often a neglected aspect in other Facebook ad platforms. Unified allows media planners to create proposals for a number of social networks, submit those for review, receive comments, get approval and convert the proposals into campaigns. The brand, media agency, creative agency and other partners can contribute all the necessary components of a campaign, including the RFP, creative assets and insertion orders, and receive notifications about any new content that is uploaded to the system. Unified has also included a useful checklist that must be completed before a campaign goes live.