UNICEF Uses Mobile App To Empower Youth

UNICEF wants to prevent HIV and AIDS among youth in Haiti. To address the issue the non-profit is arming kids with technology that they can use to help identify risks of sexual abuse in the city of Port Au Prince. Rhazi Kone, project manager at UNICEF, described the project in a panel at Mediabistro’s Media App Summit today.

Essentially, UNICEF has created an app in which young people are encouraged to share photos of how the epidemic is embodied in their neighborhood. The app aggregates these photos on a map and the non-profit using the data to help identify risks and safe and unsafe zones throughout the city.

“The young person collects the data wherever they are standing,” explained Kone. “The photo is locked and uploaded and shared to local authorities.”

Kids can access the app on smartphones that are available in UNICEF centers throughout the city. The project is ongoing and UNICEF plans to use the data to help implement action. For example, unsafe zones may be given more police presence or perhaps a street light.