Adopt, Care for a Virtual Child, Donate with UNICEF’s New Facebook App

The United Nation’s Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, created a Facebook application called Help a Child. It allows users to care for a virtual child, through buying virtual goods that it requests.

The difference from most games is that this money is actually a donation towards UNICEF projects in the real world — the organization works to meet the long-term needs of children and women in developing countries.

The app allows you to either select the continent, country, sex, name and age of your virtual adoptee or randomize these characteristics. Then it adds your surname to your adoptee and publishes to your Wall.

After you create your adoptee, the child begins to have needs similar to what a real world UNICEF adoptee would have. For example, the app tells you that your adoptee needs food, so the user can select the types of food to give the child, paired with prices, and has the option to donate the actual sum to UNICEF using PayPal. You can also publish the gift of food or vaccines to your adoptee on your Wall.

Money collected this way on Facebook will go to help actual UNICEF projects around the world.

The application is currently just getting started, with 901 monthly active users and 25 daily active users, according to our AppData service.

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