As is customary at McDonald’s, Marriott or Macy’s, the customer is always right no matter how angry he gets. And so it is at CQ Roll Call. Enter Paul Martino, an international trade specialist for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, whose beef is that he wants his papers delivered on time or not at all.

Here’s the exchange between Paul and LaWanda Council regarding Roll Call deliveries. This happened back in late March. Hopefully, for LaWanda’s sake, the issue has been resolved.

Paul: “Hi LaWanda- thanks we are already receiving the .pdf. Please stop delivery of the newspaper if you cannot guarantee timely (within 2 days).”

LaWanda: “I am sorry that your CQ Roll Call papers are not arriving to you on time. May I offer to set you up to get the pdf that will come directly to you each night? Please confirm and we can get this going for you.”

Paul: “This is ridiculous. STOP SENDING US NEWSPAPERS> [sic] Today we received 12 Newspapers dated May 8, May 9 and May 10, from last Wednesday Thursday, Friday. Again I ask you who would have any interest in receiving newspapers a week old and three days all at once. This is nuisance. I have sent you half a dozen emails on this matter over the past few months and your organization has done nothing to remedy the issue. You are wasting tons of money and I wonder why you haven’t stopped it or figured out how to ensure timely delivery. I would think this would be a priority. Again stop sending us week old newspapers.”