7 Guaranteed Ways To Get Unfriended On Facebook

While many people enjoy collecting Facebook friends as a sign of their social value, one other way to determine your true popularity is how fast people are unfriending you.

While many people enjoy collecting Facebook friends as a sign of their social value, one other way to determine your true popularity is how fast people are unfriending you. If you see your friend count going down, this could be why.

Mass Photo Tagging

There are tons of applications that will go through and tag all of your friends for various reasons. Whether it’s an image showing when all of your friends’ birthdays take place on a calendar, or showing which celebrity they resemble the most, these things can be annoying as hell. While you may find it entertaining when you first complete the mass photo tag, your friends probably won’t find it to be as cool. Skip over the mass photo tagging applications, otherwise you’re likely to get unfriended!

Photo Tag Screenshot

Mundane Status Updates

Oh, did you really just eat the best hamburger ever? I actually happen to eat at least three times a day and none of my friends are updated about any of the food I’m digesting. While it may taste incredible, you should share those things that are actually worth sharing. Then again, there’s something that’s far worse than the boring status updates…

Hamburger Status Update

Over The Top Self-Promotion

These are the people who only post self-promotional status updates. Some Facebook users publish every article they’re in and all the celebrities they’re hanging out with. While cool, that’s something that should be left to a celebrity fan page, not your personal profile. For this one, there’s a fine balance. Sometimes it’s great to celebrate each milestone of your life with your friends. Other people appear to reach a new milestone every day and share it with the entire world. Your friends love you but you could be approaching a point where they’re actually jealous, not just happy for you!

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Not Real Friends

Remember that person you partied with once in college? Now they’re your friend on Facebook but you have no idea why you added them in the first place. Now they’ve suddenly become emotional and over-protective of their personal privacy and have decided to purge their friend list. Congratulations, you’ve just become a victim of friend purging. This is probably one of the most honorable ways of losing a Facebook friend, because in this case it really isn’t about you, it’s them.

Breaking Up With Someone

Right after you break up with someone, one of the first tasks is to unfriend them on Facebook, as you don’t want to be reminded that they’re now dating someone else. Alternatively, you just want to block them from your memory due to the intense pain you’re currently experiencing. Regardless of why the relationship ended, there’s a good chance your Facebook friendship is also gone for good. This is probably the second most honorable way of losing a Facebook friend, unless you were the reason the relationship ended (way to go, asshole!).

Crazy Political Rants

Bush Bin LadenThis can either serve as entertainment or become really annoying. Sometimes we want to read the ridiculous things our friends have to say, while other times they are so over the top that it has become offensive. While I can’t say that I have too many friends who’ve crossed the line, there’s definitely people out there who have ridiculous views and think it’s appropriate to share them with the entire world. You have a right to be proud of your values, but you may get unfriended for sharing them.

Randomly Chatting Others

If you friended someone and start chatting with them even though you don’t know them well, it’s a surefire way to lose that person as a Facebook friend. They probably just approved your friend request because they wanted to increase their friend count, not have a personal conversation about how their day is going. If you’re in the business of increasing your friend count, stick to that,; but, don’t try to build personal relationships from clicking the “add friend” button for no purpose other than clicking it.

You’ve Crossed A Line

You have to really cross a lot of lines before you are unfriended on Facebook nowadays, as it’s easier to simply block a user from the feed. However if you keep pushing your friends’ buttons, it’s not unlikely that they’ll just remove you. There’s probably a million reasons to unfriend someone, however these are seven of the most common reasons that we’ve seen. What reasons have you had for unfriending someone on Facebook?