15 Reasons Why I Unfollowed You On Twitter

15 Reasons Why I Unfollowed You On Twitter

You can say pretty much anything you want to on Twitter… but if you do, be aware that it will have repercussions. Here are 15 reasons why I (and probably many others) will unfollow you on Twitter:

1. You’re clogging up my timeline. Tweeting too frequently is just plain annoying, especially if your tweets are repeats or generic “thank yous” (which so many people forget to format as a @reply).

2. You haven’t tweeted since September 2013. I usually give people a few weeks leeway when it comes to tweeting, but if I haven’t heard from you in months, or you only tweet once or twice a month, I’ll probably unfollow you. I typically check how talkative people are using ManageFlitter.com. One caveat: If I followed you not to interact but rather just to keep up with you (if you’re a celebrity or CEO I want to hear from from time to time), I’ll probably still follow you if you’re quiet.

3. You’re stealing other people’s content. This is a big no-no anywhere, but if you’re passing people’s tweets/jokes/thoughts off as your own, and I figure it out, you’re getting an immediate unfollow.

4. You have no profile pic. Who are you? I can’t tell. So if I (probably accidentally) followed you, I’m going to unfollow at the speed of light if I see that you have that old egg avatar.

5. You swear too much. I’m no prude, but if every other word is a four letter word, I’m not interested in hearing it.

6. You’re using Twitter as your own personal planning service. I’ve seen it more often than I’d like: people using Twitter to send directions, make plans and coordinate meetings. Some degree of this is OK, but those types of conversations should be taken off Twitter when they get into the nitty gritty details.

7. All your tweets are automated. OK, you use Foursquare. That’s great. And Facebook too? Good for you. But you’re in for a Twitter follower exodus if all of your tweets are simply automated from other networks.

8. You just auto-DMed me. Similar to the above. I dislike automation, so if I get a Direct Message from you asking me to “Like” you or check out your YouTube video or some other such nonsense, chances are I’m going to unfollow you. After all, if that’s my first “interaction” with you, I can bet that you’re not afraid to be too self-promotional.

9. Your tweets are just a little too weird. “Weirdness” is a subjective content, but if you’re being too quirky, obscure or random… well, I’m sure some people find this cute, but not I.

10. You’ve grown stale. Twitter is an information sharing network, so if your information is old or your ideas dated, you might find yourself losing followers. Myself included.

11. You’re trying… really trying… to sell me something The reason people tune out TV ads isn’t because they’re not creative, but it’s because we don’t like to be sold to. We don’t like hearing “buy now!” a thousand times a day. So if I log on to Twitter and see these types of messages flooding my timeline, I’m going to give my brain a respite from the sales pitch and unfollow you.

12. You’re a big complainer. This might sound a little hypocritical, since this entire article is basically a rant against certain types of Twitter users, but if you use your 140-characters to complain too often – about your too-hot coffee or that line you’ve been waiting in for over 7 whole minutes or the weather – I’m not having it. Unfollowed!