Unfollow Day #Fail: More People Following Charlie Sheen Than Ever

Try as they might to better mankind (or at least the Twittersphere), the well-meaning souls behind “Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day” have failed miserably. In fact, the Tiger Blood is coursing more strongly than ever with followers for @charliesheen still rising steadily. Love him or hate him, charts don’t lie.

His follower count, like the stock market in the early oughts, just keeps going up, despite the fact that most of Sheen’s tweets read not only like the work of a man who recently discovered the Internet but possibly one who just learned how to type. Perhaps this is why he’s hiring an Intern for his “social media team” — though the money Internships.com paid for placement probably had more to do with it.

The Village Voice even made a cogent case for unfollowing @charliesheen, but you did not listen. What more do you people want?

As you can see by the below, despite everybody saying that they are sick of Charlie Sheen now and can he please just go away now please, more and more people continue to hit the follow button than hit unfollow, with Twittercounter charting the meteoric climb toward 3 million.

Please raise your hand if you never followed Sheen in the first place.