Unemployment Rates Drop in Several States

If you think the economy is on a modest rebound, raise your hand!

According to numbers released the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s slight growth on the job front. Unemployment rates fell in two-thirds of the states last month!

Plus, unemployment rates dropped below seven percent in 22 states in April; that’s less than the national average of 8.1 percent. That said, unemployment rose in five states and remained unchanged in eight. Considering almost half of our nation’s states saw a drop, that seems like a cause for a mini-celebration, yes?

As for the states with the lowest unemployment rates? Check out North Dakota: Their rate in April was three percent. Next up? Nebraska’s rate was 3.9 percent and South Dakota was 4.3 percent. Larger states saw a relatively low rate as well since Minnesota and Virginia both had unemployment rates of 5.6 percent last month.

And Texas has pretty strong numbers, too! Our second largest state added 250,000 jobs during the past twelve months and dropped its unemployment rate to 6.9 percent last month.

Keep in mind the national average is just that — an average. Although some states dipped, others increased. For instance, Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 11.7 percent, followed by Rhode Island at 11.2 percent.

Although the optimistic report doesn’t break down numbers in terms of industry — ahem, the media — hopefully the trend will continue as we head into June.