Unemployed 50-Something Questions Makeover: Expert Says Go For It

Here’s the scenario…a 50-something unemployed man thinks age may be a factor in the fact that he hasn’t landed a new job yet.

Working with an outplacement counselor who has recommended getting a makeover, the job seeker is questioning if that’s enabling age discrimination.

Au contraire says Gregory Giangrande, chief HR offier at Time Inc. in today’s edition of The New York Post, he writes, “I don’t think your counselor is suggesting dressing age-inappropriately or getting a funky ‘do.”

Giangrande continues, “If your counselor is saying you need a make-over, it’s not an insult, and it may not be just about what you project from the outside.”

So, sometimes job seekers may focus so much on their resume and sharpening their interview techniques that they overlook making a positive first impression ranging from the ‘do to suit to footwear. It’s an investment well worth it.