Unedited Surgery Videos Power Surgg

surggWeb video is a growing phenomenon. Learn a new language, become a better cook, teach yourself how to dance or get lost in an endless amount of adult content.

If you opt for blood and guts over boobs and butts, then Surgg is the site for you. Sharing the voting functionality of Digg and viral nature of YouTube, the site feature unedited surgery videos and other medical oddities.Check out a nose job or breast augmentation. Or maybe you’re in the mood for exploding eye balls or missing limbs? From hair transplants to live birth, these videos are guaranteed to awe and amaze (and nauseate!).

What makes the site a bit weird is the mix of useful and interesting content with pure gore. I don’t believe there are many destinations where you can research illnesses and drugs and then visit a Coney Island freak show. Heck, you can even view sex change operations, if you dare.

Oh, and by the way, in case you were curious, the average nose job costs $4,188. The surgery takes about two hours and the recover is between seven and 10 days.

Unedited videos will bring you every cut, tug and stitch. You’ll want to look away – but you’ll find you can’t.

Built on the Digg clone platform Pligg, it will be interesting to see how this viral content will grow. Probably, like the plague.