Underage Drinking Party Busted. Thanks Facebook.

Another case of the long arm of the law reaching into Facebook. Two were arrested in Gatson County, North Carolina after a party posted on Facebook led to the police raiding the party and charging two adults present for underage drinking, according to WCNC.

Steve Haney, Jr. and Melissa Wilson, the home owners, were reportedly home during a party planned and posted on Facebook, where alcohol was provided. So what tipped off the police in the first place?

Unlike other blundered parties promoted on Facebook, this particular underage drinking party was found out by a diligent adult, who then reported it to the police. When police arrived at the scene of the house party, evidence was reportedly found supporting underage drinking. Yes kids, the grown folks are managing to prowl your activity on Facebook as well.

While Facebook’s privacy issues are indirectly involved in this situation, it’s the concern of underage Facebook users being able to plan such a party on the social network that will likely have the most attention.

Can Facebook do anything about the fact that such a party was promoted on this site, or should there be more site monitoring, which would become a more direct involvement of privacy issues regarding Facebook activity? And just as importantly, will such a negative connotation with Facebook’s social networking capabilities be bad for Facebook in the near or distant future?

Facebook has generally been a bit more insulated from such issues becoming major legal battles where government authorities need to get involved. But as we saw with an Australian court deeming Facebook an acceptable form of communication for the delivery of legal papers, the government is recognizing the power and permeation of Facebook. That’s something very few of us can ignore, especially as the implications of its mainstream presence grow larger and touches more aspects of our every day culture.