Uncommon Growth For Mobile Apps On This Week’s List of Fastest Gainers By DAU

Although we’ve seen some indications over the past few weeks that Facebook’s mobile growth is speeding up, this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by daily active users provides the most solid evidence yet toward that thesis.

Facebook for iPhone, Mobile and Facebook for BlackBerry are all within the top ten with DAU growth of around five percent each. Those are the best gains for the mobile apps in at least two months. It’s also notable that all three, constituting Facebook’s major in-house mobile apps, are coming up so strongly at the same time.

Next week, of course, the growth rates might fade a bit, as often happens. But longer-term, the trend seems to be clear. Users who already have the apps installed — already a significant portion of all smartphone users — aren’t using them more. That either means more new smartphones, a higher likelihood that smartphone users will want to access Facebook, or both.

Here’s the full list of 20, via AppData:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Treasure Isle7,166,630+2,783,169+63.49
2.icon FarmVille29,344,187+2,145,163+7.89
3.icon Facebook for iPhone16,832,775+703,384+4.36
4.icon LivingSocial662,130+501,101+311.19
5.icon Mobile8,006,392+408,785+5.38
6.icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones9,989,898+393,298+4.10
7.icon Family Feud728,799+314,140+75.76
8.icon Social City2,928,313+299,292+11.38
9.icon Café World7,941,782+294,876+3.86
10.icon Hotel City2,932,326+293,829+11.14
11.icon Country Life3,013,934+279,287+10.21
12.icon Bejeweled Blitz2,791,894+243,716+9.56
13.icon Causes1,380,769+233,109+20.31
14.icon Garden Life267,432+178,260+199.91
15.icon Status Shuffle770,460+166,653+27.60
16.icon Mall World297,763+166,291+126.48
17.icon iHeart1,591,506+155,523+10.83
18.icon Tiki Resort1,088,916+148,844+15.83
19.icon @Smiles463,509+112,051+31.88
20.icon Mafia Wars6,069,199+111,689+1.87

Treasure Isle, of course, is the leader overall; we noted the new treasure hunting game’s fantastic growth on our Monday MAU list. As if to rub in its dominant position, Zynga also took the number two spot with FarmVille — although that game nevertheless has fewer DAU than it did a month ago. We’ll cover the rest of its category over at Inside Social Games.

LivingSocial is an older app that helps users share interests and find local deals. It had dipped below a million MAU and 40,000 DAU early this month, but the company appears to be pumping money into advertising following its $25 million round in March.

Games mostly fill the remainder of the list. But at number 15, you can pick out Status Shuffle, an app by Oz Solomon that allows users to share and vote on amusing status messages. Give this app a little time, and it might even get its own TV show.