UnBeige Prints Out In Scratch-N-Sniff


Here’s a good piece of advice from designer Mark Boulton that seems so obvious, but most of us wouldn’t think up: “Five Simple Steps to Typesetting on the Web: Printing the Web.” It’s all about how common it is for people to print sites out, for reference, for reading on the train, to include in a pitch, etc. Yet a lot of web designers don’t take that into account when putting together pages. So, again, in relation to the big NYTimes redesign, Boulton takes a look at how news sites function and work with print. Really interesting and might change some of the ways you’re working, if you’re in the internet work. Here’s a bit:

Perhaps there is an assumption that print styles can be added at a later date as they are deemed ‘secondary’. This can be true, but on developing the example for this series I found that in developing a print style there was the need to revisit the code in the template to make sure the content flow was correct and additional design elements could be added. So, in that sense, I’m not sure that assumption is true.