UnBeige Can Read: New In 2007 Books

Well, boys and girls, it’s time for another edition of UnBeige Can Read, where we go through the stacks of books on our desk to recommend the best in pageturning for you, our dear readers.


The premise is simple: Forty Posters for the Yale School of Architecture by Michael Bierut. But as you page through it you start to realize, “Forty posters? For the same client? Damn.” As a body of work, it’s both playful and elegant. The introduction is by Robert A.M. Stern and it’s a Winterhouse Edition, with the black and white posters set against this nice creamy ecru. Read more on Design Observer, and by the way, we hear a rumor that Bierut’s got a book of his essays coming out this year, too…


We’ll admit it when we don’t know something, and we did not know who Antonin and Noemi Raymond were until this book landed on our doorstep. Crafting a Modern World is the first English-language book of this dynamic duo, who gained great prominence for their design work in Japan. But they also collaborated with people like Noguchi, Wright, Nakashima, creating some incredible mid-century works that, at least for us, were a pleasant surprise. Tons of drawings, sketches and photos.


Antiques of the Future features “connoisseur of high design” Lisa S. Roberts‘ personal collection of “mass-produced products that are being created today that, once they are no longer in production, will significantly go up in value because they represent noteworthy design in their time.” Although the book does chronicle an interesting time in the development of designer products (early 1980’s-recently) we’re kind of at a loss for the secondary concept Roberts proposes–teaching readers to appreciate and recognize “good design,” and start their own collections. Wait, is this book by Target?

And that’s it for this editon of UnBeige Can Read. See you next time, and remember, you don’t have to take our word for it.