Um, Happy Belated April Fools? Fox Bites On Layoff Reality Show

Apparently not a joke, though we wish it was: The brains behind Joe Millionaire and Temptation Island have created Someone’s Gotta Go, a “Survivor-meets-The Office” reality show where small business employees vote on who gets the ax.

“When someone is arbitrarily let go the first reaction usually is ‘How come that person was fired when another idiot is still here?’ This finally gives employees a chance to make that decision instead of a boss,” Fox reality chief Mike Darnell told Variety.

The show will work like this: On each episode, a different small business that is struggling in the economy will open its books to all employees. They’ll learn what everyone else makes and what’s in their HR file. “Employees will also get a chance to say, face to face, what they really think of one another.” Which sounds like a real recipe for success when workers are already stressed out, right? Then, one unlucky person will be voted out of the company. They’ll get their severance package, but that’s it.

The real question is how producer Endemol, which is behind the show, convinced these companies to participate; Variety says the show’s host is also a professional business coach, so apparently the hope of free business coaching is enough to make small businesses leap at 15 minutes of notoriety and damage their reputation across the country as the assholes who let their employees vote each other out.

Or maybe it’s because, as Endemol head David Goldberg says, “For a lot of people, it takes the pressure off them. As a boss myself, I don’t want to have to make those decisions.”

So instead of being a boss you can open your employees up to mob justice. Brilliant, guys, just brilliant.