Ullman Weighs In

FishbowlDC has obtained an email sent by Washington Times columnist and military analyst Harlan Ullman to “friends and colleagues”:

    As you probably know, allegations about me have been raised by the so-called DC Madame. My public comments so far have been that the allegations are outrageous, my attorneys are on the case, seeking legal remedial action, and the charges do not dignify a response. I am anxious to get all the facts out at the appropriate time and have not done so for three reasons: obstinance, anger and strong and sound legal and political advice to say as little as possible in light of possible future litigation.

    With all the hype, there has been a lot of bad and mistaken journalism. Last Friday, 20/20 completely misconstrued my attorney’s statement and then after promising to take down a pre-show web site story that was factually wrong, ABC failed to do so on a timely basis. That led to a flurry of articles repeating ABC’s erroneous statements including the madame’s latest assertion that, if I speak out, I could face racketeering charges–an absolute absurdity.

    Here is the obvious quandary. Saying nothing is not the defense I favor. And any statement, no matter how truthful, will likely provoke still more media attention and a further response from our accusers. If you have read at all about their backgrounds, you will understand the type of people with whom we are dealing. Many lives are at risk of being damaged and one of the escorts recently committed suicide.

    I am confident that justice will be done and the truth will come out. In the meantime, I want to thank all of you for your advice, counsel and good wishes for which we are profoundly grateful. You have provided a great deal of support for us. This has been, as you must know, a difficult time for me and my wife Julian. This a sordid case. But we will persevere and prevail.


Click here to see Ullman’s recent Q&A Cafe with Carol Joynt, in which he said:

    “The allegations are outrageous and do not dignify a response,” Ullman told the Nathans crowd. “My wife and I view this as most bizarre. … It’s like being in a bad Franz Kafka novel.” When asked by Joynt whether he’d ever met Palfrey, Ullman said “absolutely not,” adding “I have no idea why lightning happened to strike me.”