UK’s Design Council Launches Project to Combat Bike Theft

Despite all the hurdles this year, from becoming a semi-independent non-profit to their recent plans to join forces with the equally struggling Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, the UK’s Design Council is already proving that these recent changes aren’t going to affect their getting quality design-based civic work done. Following their great, high-profile moves earlier this year with designs for safer pint glasses for bars and commissioning Ben de Lisi to design for them a better hospital gown, the Design Council is now looking how to combat bike theft in England. Joining up with a number of universities and government agencies, the organization is pushing forward on a project set up back in 2004 called the Bikeoff Research Initiative, which was established to promote safer biking and to curb theft. The first update is the Council’s launch of this survey, which they’re asking cyclists in the UK to fill out in hopes of getting an idea of how bike theft happens, where it happens, and from there they’ll be able to start thinking of ideas on how to stop it. Nice to see that, after a strong start in 2010, followed by some rough patches there in the middle, that the Design Council is ending the year on a strong note. Judging from earlier projects, we can’t wait to see what’s born out of it.

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