UK’s Design Council Forced to Become Independent Non-Profit

Despite the Design Council‘s red letter year, making England safer through less breakable pint glasses and less exposed with new, Ben de Lisi-designed hospital gowns, it was enough to save them from the British government’s massive, sweeping cuts, and so the organization has been removed as a “Non Departmental Public Body” and will now serve as an independent, not-for-profit. The clouds had been looming since last July, when we told you that the group had been forced to go up for review. While the statements the organization had made at the time were all positive (though probably not the best time to look sour), the writing seemed like it was on the wall. Answering this shift from government entity to independent, the Design Council has published this letter on their site, as well as an FAQ on what it all means, from how they’ll now function (similarly) to staff lay-offs (likely) and how they’ll be funded (they’ll still be receiving money from the government, just not as much).