UK Startup Brings Transactions To Social Reading

Sharing eBooks just got easier in the UK, thanks to a new startup called aNobii. Investors from the HMV, HarperCollins, Penguin and The Random House Group, who acquired the existing social reading site aNobii, have formed the startup. A new version of the existing aNobii social reading service will launch later in the year.

The new iteration of the company, which has the same name, is an upgraded aNobii site that merges social networking with a retail platform where you can buy eBooks and share them with your friends.

aNobii project head Matteo Berlucchi had this statement about the company: “We want to create a social commerce platform that will allow people to find, share and buy books beyond the bestseller lists with an emphasis on creating an environment where people can talk about the books they love. aNobii’s knowledge and functionality for finding books and engaging readers gives the service we want to build a head-start.”