UK Politicians Are Taking Over Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yatterbox is a new website that aggregates the tweets, status updates, RSS feeds and more of politicians around the world, so you can see what they’re up to on social media. And in a new infographic looking at the data gathered by Yatterbox thus far, it looks like UK politicians are pretty tweet-obsessed.

The infographic “UK Politicians as Seen by Yatterbox” took at look at just under 30,000 social media posts from all UK politicians with a social presence, and Twitter came away the big winner.

Of these 30,000 posts, a massive 91 percent appeared on Twitter. Next came RSS with 5.3 percent, Facebook with 2.4 percent and Flickr with 1.3 percent.

The majority of UK politicians signed up for Twitter between 2009 and 2010, although signups continue to accumulate.

And just what are these tweeting politicians talking about? According to the word cloud in the infographic, the most popular topics are “media”, “health”, “social”, “service” and “national”. Sounds like political jargon to me, although it would be interesting to compare this word cloud to the word cloud from politicians from other countries.

You can check out the infographic below for more information on how UK politicians are using Twitter, including a list of the top 10 most followed politicians, and which accounts influence your representatives more than others: