Time Spent Using Social Media Declines In The UK (Still 22% Of All Online Activity) [REPORT]

You probably already knew that social networking was popular in the United Kingdom, certainly if you live there, but until now you might not have been aware just how much time is spent using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in the UK.

A new study from Experian has revealed that 22 percent of all time spent online by adult UK internet users last year involved social media, equating to a heady 13 minutes in a single hour.

However, impressive as this statistic is, overall UK usage of social network sites is actually down three percentage points from 2011, where it tallied 25 percent of time online. Entertainment (15 percent of all time), shopping (10 percent) and news (5 percent) rounded out the top four most-popular online activities for UK users, and, conversely, are all up year-on-year.

Additionally, the UK’s stats fall short of other regions, with Australia (24 percent of all time spent online) and the U.S. (27 percent) spending the most time using social platforms.

(Source: eMarketer.)