U.K. Online Ad Spend Creeps Ahead

NEW YORK The Internet receives a constantly rising share of ad spending in the U.K. As in the U.S., marketers are increasingly shifting budgets from traditional media to digital campaigns, which are more easily tracked and often deliver better returns on investment.

In 2009, the $6.25 billion spent online will represent more than 20 percent of all U.K. ad spending.

Even so, the worldwide financial crisis has brought the rampant progress of the U.K.’s digital marketplace almost to a halt.

Growth in online ad spending will be modest this year at just 0.9 percent, per eMarketer. But this is reassuring when most other media channels have already seen year-over-year spending drop by between 5 and 18 percent.

Internet spending will regain some momentum in 2010, when the economy begins to rebound, and approach 10 percent growth in 2011.

The London Olympics will fuel a further spurt of activity in 2012 and push spending growth into double digits.