UK Officials Consider Banning Tiny Mobile Phones

The world’s smallest phones are not welcomed in the UK according to the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency and the National Trading Standards Board. Officials have advised retailers to stop selling miniature cell phones because they were targeted at prisoners. Prisoners are not allowed to have mobile phones in the UK and the country have even considered jamming cellular signals in order to prevent prisoners from conducting illegal activities while incarcerated.

UK agencies are also advising car manufacturers to sue Chinese phone manufacturers for copyright infringement since the mini-phones mimics the appearance of car fobs. Some even used logos from car makers in order to hide their true function.









Officials are also citing concerns over fire potentials:

There is a strong possibility that these products were not put through the stringent safety testing UK products go through, which means that there is a chance they are electrically unsafe meaning they could cause fires and injure consumers through electrocution.

A search on UK’s Ebay site, and you’ll find plenty of small, key phones for sale, but I couldn’t locate any here in the states. Evidently, it’s not as popular here. Our advice: if you are traveling to the UK, leave your tiny mobile phones at home.