UK Freelancers Protest New Contract

They do things differently on the other side of the pond, it seems!

Two hundred freelance writers and photographers have gone on strike, refusing to contribute to Bauer Media’s music division (including magazines this non-Anglophile has never heard of: Kerrang!, Q and Mojo) until the company rescinds a new contract.

The new contract asks contributors for all rights, the Guardian reports, “with the right to sub-license, to use, publish, reproduce and translate in whole or in part, in all and any media without restriction, whether now known or developed in the future, throughout the world.”

In addition, the Guardian adds, “the writer or photographer waives any moral rights—in effect allowing Bauer to modify the work at will—and agrees to indemnify the publisher against any legal action.”

A media lawyer, after examining the contract, told the Guardian that “the terms are so broad that I’d advise contributors not to sign it unless there was a concrete negotiated agreement that all individual commissions came with written specifics on rights and indemnity that negated its threat.”

Yet it kinda sounds like most U.S. contracts.

They do do things differently ‘cross the pond.