UK Coke Cans gets Spotify Treatment in Latest Music App Alliance

Coke and Spotify’s latest music app, Placelist, is getting a real-world boost with new branding designs for Coke’s slim 250ml cans in the UK. The new design features Placelists’s new website as well as an interactive “Blip” component that lets you access music tracks through Blippar’s augmented reality advertising.

Placelist’s soft launch allows users to access music using Spotify and Facebook’s Places. In addition to some European cities, look for it at ““FIFA World Cup, to Coke Studio in India, Pakistan and the Middle East & the Rock’n Coke festival in Turkey.”

Coke’s music venture began in 2012 with a partnership with Spotify. Coca-Cola director of Global Entertainment Marketing Joe Belliotti had this statement in the release:

At Coca-Cola we have long recognized the power of music to connect people around the world. As we step up our activation through Coca-Cola Music, we are excited by the innovative music technology platform created by Spotify and the opportunity to create a truly global music network. The potential for this partnership is limitless.