Uh, Create Your Own Broadcast Media Job? Bargain-Basement TV Station Sale…On EBay

File this one under “WTF”:

The owner of a small Michigan television station is selling it—land, license, equipment and all—on eBay.

“Priced to sell” at $550,000, you too can get into the TV business. Produce your own news show! Who knows?

The New York Times’ Media Decoder noticed the listing last night and got in touch with the owner, Bud Kelley.

“It’s a real station, not a toy,” Kelley told the NYT.

He wants to get out of the biz and retire to Florida.

The auction was originally priced at $1 million, but by last night Kelley had lowered the price to $700,000; he’s since slashed the cost by another 150 grand.

The listing has only gotten a few hundred hits so far, but there are seven days to go….

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