Ugly Sweaters for a Good Cause: Brands Celebrate UK’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’

proxyIn the UK, the donning of hideously tacky Christmas sweaters has gone beyond an ironic fashion statement and party theme; today, Friday, December 12, is Christmas Jumper Day, a day dedicated to celebrating all things sequins and yarn while supporting the British charity Save The Children. The idea is for every person who sports a Christmas “jumper” today to consider giving a small donation of £2 by texting WOOLY to 70050.

Curious to see how organizations and brands would take part, we took to Twitter to explore the XmasJumperDay hashtag, and found roughly what we expected: many seriously fabulous sweaters; companies and organizations decking themselves out while ensuring the charitable side of things remains the focus; and, of course, some brands hijacking the hashtag for their own purposes.

Here are some examples of brands and organizations keeping the clickbait classy by supporting Save The Children:

And here are a few examples of brands that seem to have forgotten to mention Save The Children, but certainly remembered the blinding “woolies” :

But even with the occasional hashtag hijacking hijinx, it looks as though a huge number of UK companies and brands have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the cause, as Save The Children’s Twitter page thanks a wide variety of companies from AOL to Glamor Magazine.

And in case you’re planning to take part Christmas Jumper Day but need some wardrobe inspiration, let us recommend this wonderfully curated list of the best and worst sweaters of the day (so far), organized into categories like “rude ones” and “goat ones.”

Happy Weekend!

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