UGG’s Tween-Targeting Mobile Campaign Nets 17 Million Views

Capitalizes on the selfie generation

In a time when most marketers are just starting to ramp up mobile investments to target millennials, UGG appears to be well ahead of the curve by targeting iPod Touch-toting tweens. And the footwear brand shared results with Adweek from a recent campaign, shedding light on what promise such a strategy may hold for marketers with younger-skewing demographics.

UGG's effort ran from July 24 to Aug. 7, while working with mobile photo-editing platform Aviary to promote a new tweens shoe line called I Heart UGG. The initiative entailed custom ads, stickers, filters and frames within apps like Photo Editor+, PicStich and Whitagram that consumers could add to their pictures and share with friends.

While UGG already has a healthy following on apps like Instagram, the brand’s campaign put a heavier emphasis on social and mobile than its previous endeavors. According to UGG, 56 percent of parents with tweens have bought their child a mobile phone and half of all U.S. tweens have an Internet-connected device like an iPod Touch.

"We know that this demographic has a different experience and expectations with their digital life, so we want to really try and experiment a little bit and try something new," said Nicks Ericsson, UGG’s global marketing director.

17.6 Million Mobile Views

UGG claims that the campaign’s paid media assets—including interstitial ads, store promos and pages promoting users to download content—were viewed 17.6 million times, with the average person spending three seconds on each engagement. UGG’s campaign also included 2.5 million organic engagements with the filters, frames and stickers.

The branded-photo effort drove 409,000 clicks (equivalent to a 2.3 percent click-through rate) on UGG’s ads as well as roughly 291,000 conversions. "Conversions," in this case, measure the number of installed branded frames, stickers or filters that a user downloaded. For each of UGG’s conversions, the average person interacted with 8.5 pieces of content.

Additionally, the marketer is also extending the photo-sharing content offline with in-store "selfie stations." Kiosks that let shoppers take and share photos were first set up in UGG stores and are now being deployed to Nordstrom and Dillard’s stores. These kinds of stations are also a part of UGG’s sponsorship of Nickelodeon star Amber Montana’s current tour.

UGG didn't stop with Aviary. It bought ads on mobile networks targeting iPod touch users within gaming and texting apps and social sites. Location-based promos were also used to serve up messages around stores.

"It’s been fun to actually target this specific segment with this different creative and this different delivery approach, which I think we learned a lot from, and definitely got to influence the future of how we invest our media dollars for the core brand," Ericsson said.

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